"Impact for the Future"

The Sustainable Development Goals are becoming a compass for all of us to work towards more value-based, humane, and egalitarian systems and a more sustainable planet. Achieving these goals requires being a part of the transformation and directing it at different levels, including the individual, organizational, societal, and systemic levels. However, we do not have ample time to create a better society and planet. For this purpose, we are organizing the imece summit with the theme of “Shapes the Futures” on 18-19 March 2021.

At the imece summit, we invite you to discuss the following questions: "How can we accelerate the proactive work of individuals and organizations towards transformation?” and "How can we promote knowledge transfer and cross-sectoral cooperation for this purpose?’’.

In March of 18-19th 2021, imece summit will take place virtually, powered by imece, hosted by Zorlu Holding, in knowledge and network partnership of ATÖLYE, B Lab Europe, BMW Foundation, S360 and SIX with session partnership of Ashoka, Impact Hub, İstasyonTEDÜ, KUSİF, Mikado, SDGIA ve TSGA and curated by De-Coder.

You can find detailed information about imece summit and the program on the website.

18-19 March 202110:00 - 18:00
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